Tormentor Requires Greater Grip in Apple’s Coffers

IT giant to buy its own shares for $ 100 billion back, believe one of the outspoken investors who are looking forward to Apple’s clock and future television.


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tormentor has done it again. Billionaire and activist investor Carl Icahn requires iPhone and iPad manufacturer buying yet more of its own shares back, so investors get more for their money.

“We believe that Apple is dramatically undervalued at today’s market, and the more shares are bought back, the more each of the remaining shareholders benefit from it,” writes the 78-year-old Carl Icahn in a letter to Apple’s board.

He believes that Apple’s shares should be at $ 203, which is almost the double of today’s price level.

Icahn: Use $ 100 billion

In an interview Thursday with the TV station CNBC called Carl Icahn, who owns 53 million shares and do not want them bought back by Apple, that Apple buys for 100 billion dollars back and thus use of its legendary 133 billion big money box.

In June, Apple management is authorized to purchase for $ 90 billion of shares back to the 60 billion that the previous year succeeded Carl Icahn to force IT giant to say yes to.

Apple is known to have a gigantic coffers with cash, and the company has for some time been the world’s most valuable. Apple’s shares have risen by 25 percent since January.

Carl Icahn is notorious for his outspoken façon. He is reputed to fall out with leadership in virtually all the companies he chooses to invest in. Among other struggling mobile manufacturer Motorola for many years with Icahn. It was also under pressure from him that he has also repeatedly chosen to bow despite a steep position.

Welcome to watch and TV

Carl Icahn also wrote in his letter that he expects the launch in 2015 of the announced Apple Watch, Apple Watch, Apple will provide new growth with sales of 20 million units in the first year and 72.5 million in 2017. He watching TV area as another good opportunity for the company – referring to reports that Apple within the next two years will be ready with a true ultra-high-definition TV, according to Icahn should be sold 12 million devices by 2016 at an average price of 1,500 dollars. At the same time he praises Apple CEO Tim Cook for “outstanding work.” Carl Icahn bought into Apple in October 2013 and increased its stake in January.

Apple has officially limited itself to announce that “we always appreciate hearing from our shareholders.”