Touchables: NFC Stickers Against Forgetting

On the windowsill, the linen is which wilt flowers for two days in the machine and cleaned has none for a while now. If you tend a bit to forgetfulness or like a little push tasks, the technology of the start-up Touchables helps you might. Founder Alexander Ellert and Julian Pye offer an app that reminds of tasks. However, you need the appropriate NFC stickers that you distribute on the corresponding objects. Sounds complicated? Our site has tried Touchables.

Only with Android and NFC

To use Touchables, you need an Android Smartphone with NFC interface in any case. The Google play store indicates before downloading the Touchables app, whether your device is compatible. Also matching NFC sticker is required to use the app. Currently it sells start up three for 12 euros, later to 17 euros cost. The stickers are present, the whole thing worked as follows: happy place about the decal is planning on your plant. Then hold your Smartphone with installed Touchables app about the stickers. The app automatically detects what is at stake and adds to the sticker of your reminder list. Then set a time frame. The plant needs water every week then set six days. After this period, you receive the message that your flower is thirsty. When you have finished pouring, hold your smartphone over the sticker on the plant and Touchables resets the time until the next reminder again on six days.

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From the cleaning service to the car Finder

The example shows the basic technique, which is behind the Touchables but the start-up has already new application examples. In addition to the plants help the app reminds you of fruit eating, the phone call with the grandmother, taking medication, the cleaning service, weekly training, limitation of sweets and the laundry in the washing machine. The car Finder may be particularly helpful. Place the decal on the steering wheel of your car and scan it when getting with your Smartphone, remembers the Touchables app, where your car is. All activities can be split with friends. Especially for the cleaning and laundry in the WG, that might be useful but also in the search for the car that the partner is once again parked on the wrong corner. Use Touchables especially for finding our car my wife and I, but also the plants benefit immensely, says founder Alexander Ellert.

Download: Touchables for Android (free)

Works reliably

Trying out Touchables worked without any problems. To add a new sticker to the memory profile, a to match prediction with the Smartphone was sufficient, the app automatically opens. The symbols of the sticker in the app approach from day to day a reddish dye so you always know that it’s soon time for one of the tasks. The start-up is therefore primarily aimed at people who always have your Smartphone. But the technology has its limits: who is especially forgetful, Miss may after flower pouring once the scanning of the sticker. But who has used once it leaves is relaxed on the next Touchables memory. So this looks also founder Ellert: users should not constantly worry about the next cleaning day, it diminishes them Touchables.