Twitter 2.0, The Official Client Launches New Update with a Good Face Wash

If a few days ago spoke of the official Twitter client, Yesterday we could already see a video of what was to be the version 2.0 and, for surprise and enjoyment of all Twitter addicts, this update is now available in the Android Market.

As you could see in the preview of the video, the changes would be largely Visual, but once installed the truth is that these are changes that go beyond and that, in my case, they are seeing threatening the reign of TweetDeck on my Nexus One. If you’ve already updated I have no more than tell you, but if you haven’t tried it and have any questions read on and decide.

Twitter 2.0, an update awaited and well executed

You forget, your memory erases all memory of this version that came preinstalled on your mobile, and impossible to delete officially. Twitter 2.0 convinces just install it, that was my impression at the time to be using it.

I think I speak for all of you when I say that, when installing an application similar to that already have, the first thing that we are looking for are things that is the other. In my case, this new version of Twitter if he has fulfilled these deficiencies.

I like how they have solved the management of user lists and the facilities at the time of writing a tweet, search for a user or add several list.

Now already preview photos uploaded to yfrog or twitpic and also Preview geolocations.

The menu of general settings is full of extras, such as the possibility of being able to choose what, how and when to receive notifications.

It really is an update that I recommend, at least so that you use it a few days and depending on what you like or what ye lay in failure to decide, I is what I do. Although now I find gaps, thus to the first, It does not support multi account, nor gives support to shorten urls, a must today. In short, I do not say more, try it!