Generally, the views of the Smartphone is considered deception attempt during a closed-door meeting. Because smart functions but no longer only into the phone, some colleges even before Smartwatches be afraid. The devices can display much more than just the time and ideally suited to the cheating. Since the distinction between Smartwatches and conventional watches is too complicated, many universities in favour of banning all wristwatches.

Apple Watch as a cheat watch

In the summer of 2014, the University of London was the increasing prevalence of Smartwatches to the discussion. It was not in sight, how easily the Apple Watch and other devices from conventional wristwatches were indistinguishable. Therefore, Smartwatches could be from 2015 to the problem in the exam room, it is in relation to the year of publication of the Apple Watch.

Overview: the best Smartwatches

25 models Pebble, Samsung & co.

City University London exiled wrist watches

Buzzfeed reported that some British universities now get serious: each watch to smart functions to check was too expensive. The City University London, makes wrist watches on a par with mobile phones. In other words: the equipment must be during a retreat out of range.

More wall clocks in the examination rooms

So that the students always know how much time left them, the College has increased the number of wall clocks. In addition, she bought a handful of small table clocks, which borrow the samples if necessary.

This is the Apple Watch 1

What distinguishes Smartwatches from digital clocks

Critics say that the problem is not new. A commentator at Engadget sees parallels to digital watches from the 80’s and 90’s, which, among other things, storing short notes. But Smartwatches are dangerous above all by the ability to connect with people outside of the examination room in contact. A cheat sheet, which consists of 20 to 30 characters, will likely bring a real advantage in barely a University exam. In addition, it is probably easier to memorize the notes instead of taking a big risk.