Videos “Non-Flash” is 26% of the Network, Says Site

For the enjoyment of Lord Steve Jobs in his long crusade against the plugin Flash, a survey by media aggregator site MeFeedia shows that no less than 26% of all web videos can be watched with the technology HTML5 and codec H. 264, which in practice free of the need for the program Adobe to be seen and make them compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, among other platforms.

Fran Sinton, CEO of the service, said the site Register that “more than 30,000 sources of content” were analyzed for the research, including YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Daily Motion and sites like Vevo, MTV, Associated Press, ABC, CBS and CNN. Although still dominate three quarters of web clips, the data may have made ​​a red light at Adobe in January, a similar survey showed that videos with the new technology represented only 10% of the content available on the network, which shows that the format has more than doubled its importance in recent times.

Already the favorite format in 11 to 10 freetards, Ogg went on with their old tradition and had “insignificant” participation in numbers.