VISO 1 AP is in best NAD-tradition designed to give you terrific sound quality at an affordable price. The built-in amplifier using exclusive digital technology, which is inherited directly from the work with NAD’s precious M2-amplifier. The loudspeaker is equipped with two advanced 2.75 “full-range units and a solid 5.75” built-in subwoofer. These are born with respectively. 2 x 6 and 1 x 50 watt, which is more than enough to give you an incredibly clean and dynamic sound, even in slightly larger space.

Airplay – wireless music experience throughout your home
Airplay is a brilliant technology that will revolutionize your music experience. With AirPlay you can wirelessly stream your entire music collection from iTunes on your PC/Mac or from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad over to VISO 1 AP. The only thing you need is your existing wireless network and some music. And if your music files are in full CD quality, you get full CD-quality with AirPlay.

With the latest updates have also been extremely easy to get AirPlay up and running. You just plug in the USB cable from the URf.eks. your iPhone, keep a few buttons inside and answer “Yes” to run the Setup. So will be VISO 1 AP automatically connected on your network, then you’re ready to play wireless music via AirPlay.

Airplay also gives you a completely wireless multi-room system in the bargain. Via iTunes on your computer or your Apple iOS device (Remote App 2.0 or later) you can simultaneously control playback on multiple AirPlay-products – VISO 1 AP – in different rooms. Although you still have to “settle” to hear the same music in every room, you can freely select the individual AirPlay speakers on and off, and you can control the volume individually on all speakers. Look forward to a new and much freer music experience with AirPlay.

Bluetooth – the easy way to the music stream
Bluetooth is an incredibly easy way to play music wirelessly. You must not speculate on complicated network setup and other difficulties. When you enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, pops up automatically on the display 1 AP VISO. Then just choose this as a music player, and then you can sit on the couch and control all the delights wirelessly.

On the minus side is not quite on a par yet sonically Bluetooth with other alternatives, WHOLESALEABLY. However, you can still achieve a very reasonable sound quality, and with the so called aptX-encoding you get Bluetooth audio in a quality, which is very close to the CD.

A smart speaker solution to your flat TV
VISO 1 AP can also be used as a smart speaker solution to lift the sound from your flat-SCREEN TV up in a class that can match the nice picture. If you place the VISO 1 AP during the TV – possibly. via the dedicated wall mount (optional) – you can connect TV sound through the optical digital input, and at the same time you have your music system standing on place of honor in the living room. * *

Technology inherited from NAD’s digital high-end amplifiers
VISO 1 AP use purely digital amplifier technology, which is inherited directly from the precious Masters series. The amp and D/A-converter works in a dizzying high resolution 35-bit/844kHz, and by keeping the music signal digitally throughout the signal path you can wring every last drop of sound quality from your music collection. Not least because you simultaneously control completely bypassing the noisy analog output on your iPod, mobile phone or PC.

In addition to the high resolution for the advanced technology also allows for digital tone control and bi-amping the speakers with digital crossover. The output power is as much as 50 watts to the subwoofer plus 2 x 15 watts to midrange/tweeter, and if you finally had to reach the border, enters the digital Soft-clipping circuitry in action. Soft clipping has for several decades been an illustrious NAD-technology, which bleed distortion up when you are pushing the amp. It gives you better sound at maximum volume, and at the same time, it protects the loudspeakers against overloads.

* Bluetooth in aptX-quality can available via a USB dongle to your computer. The format is also supported by some newer smartphones and tablets.
** VISO 1 AP are compatible with stereo digital audio up to 24-bit/96 kHz via the optical input. Your TV must therefore be able to convert audio to 2-channel PCM. Multi channel digital audio is not supported.