Vodafone More Expensive Fares Ancient Basis in Exchange for More MB

We continue the start of year adjustments in rates that we have already reviewed prices posed for the discontinued MoviStar, rounding upward in Euskaltel, the “agreement” to charge for calls in the fixed and now, hand ID’s Vodafone, the change of conditions in its three discontinued Base rates that complements the changes already announced both in old rates by size as in yuser rates.

In the case of Vodafone, the rounding upward in the monthly fee It involves the change of conditions in their old rates based on 2012 (replaced by new Base rates in fall of 2013) comes with of the Elimination of 1.000 SMS free and that it intends to be compensated by an increase in data in three modalities on January 26.

Compensation which, by the price increase, will only be cost effective for those who really need more internet and not already send SMS to the most basic of the Base adds 200 MB For more than 1 euro, 2 base adds 500 MB for about 2 euros and Base 3 adds other 500 MB for less than 1 euro.

Below we detail changes in the table below:

With this change of conditions, the replacement of Base GB / S based on the current rates and the rise in price of Integral basis, Vodafone seems determined to encourage to users hire more expensive rates where they compete better with rivals and leave aside to users of low consumption whose profiles are better covered by OMVs as the own Lowi or similar.