Far from the typical improvement of rates that operators had us accustomed to their Christmas campaign that it seems that this year we won’t see bearing in mind the dates in which we find ourselves, Vodafone He has wanted to make for increase the gigabytes for free at least in the old rates by size, in a similar way to how recently made Orange.

They were the latest rates compatible phones grant before being replaced by rates REDvolución that introduced the payment by instalments in Vodafone and that although they ceased to be available to new customers long ago, until November 7, 2014 current customers could continue by activating them when they renewed the phone so still are many users those who dispose of the rates @ belonging to the ancient family ordered by size of clothes and them addresses the latest enhancement.

The Meg increase affects the rates @XS, @S and @M from December 4 which have increased tenfold the original amount included automatically to suit the demand of users and the tendency of the rates currently. The rates @L and @XL will not enjoy any increase of megs encouraging users who may still have them them activated moved to the current network rates with many more advantages.

Details offer size @ Vodafone

An improvement that will always be welcome but after which, having a subsidized phone is the principal of its advantages since the new versions tend to be more attractive, provided that they do not carry the surname Classic that the monthly fee increases because of the “subsidy” that could drag.