Vodafone Offers Unlimited Gigabytes in Promoting This Christmas

The bells of Christmas and summer have evolved especially since the appearance of the OMVs in a way that before its existence, it was common to see during a promotional time, tariffs were vitamin drinks with calls to the same operator, 60 x 1, or great discounts on the price per minute to all but over time, these developments were leading to new increasingly cheaper rates whose prices remained undefined as a main advantage in comparison with the previous stage.

But with revenues of operators increasingly depleted and after a summer with significant increases of gigabytes of data, this Christmas of 2014 rates was being one of the least active in terms of developments in rates until today Vodafone has surprised us with the return of temporary promotions in the form of Unlimited gigabytes to sail at full speed for all Christmas.

Unlimited GB promotion is available to customers of prepaid and contract with yuser, Base S, Smart or net rates and costs of activation of 2 euros which you can request by dialing * 555 # more key call to enjoy from today until January 7, 2015.

A movement that Vodafone might start to appreciate the impact that this type of rates would exert on the net Similarly to how you experienced when it introduced the unlimited calls, in addition to meet actual demand which can have this kind of rates between users but on this occasion I do not think that we should be very optimistic and think that these rates can be definitive in the short-term since contrary to what happens with calls, the business tends to support in the sale of mobile data so that would not need sense to define as soon their income.

However, Vodafone has opened the door with the introduction of unlimited mobile internet in Spain so expect to see upcoming developments in this regard begin to equalize the rates in other countries which already have them although with limitations when it comes to tethering or other conditions of fair use. Telstra could be the most suitable operator to pick up the baton despite having recently affirmed that it was not his intention, but will continue to be attentive to any changes that may occur after the promotion of Vodafone.