Vodafone Raised Its Convergent Offer Cheaper ADSL Fee Back to The

When Vodafone launched its convergent offer Integral to deal with Movistar Fusion, we saw as its cheapest rate started to around EUR 35 but the latest reforms in the rates of the company have been leaving aside its cheapest offer, at least in its version with ADSL with the intention of encouraging new activations to opt for fiber whenever possible or at least Smart or network fee.

Eventually, Vodafone Integral Base has gone from his debut having calls to 0 cents the minute (more 18 cents of establishment), free SMS and 1 GB to be replaced by Vodafone Integral Base S that eliminated the free SMS, reduced the amount of data at maximum speed to 800 MB and raised the price, first to 37 euros last summer and starting from December 1, will now have a cost of 39 euros per month.

A change that affects only new hires what the current will continue keeping the same fee that had been paying so far, a rate that it tends to disappear If you look at that Amena is the only one that keeps an alternative with ADSL and calls to 0 cents while the other operators includes a minimum of 100 minutes in its most economical convergent offer.

New high without permanence, but with conditions

Vodafone already offers since last summer the recruitment of its ADSL under direct coverage without any kind of permanence and from December 1 it also extends this possibility to those interested in hiring fiber of 50, 100 or 200 megabytes but not to all users.

To not have commitment in fiber and take it down or carry it at any time you will be necessary to have mobile line permanence by the payment of any smartphone, whether for free range or not.

On the delay of the Christmas campaign with respect to previous years could be due to that this year it could be more moderate mostly because a priori expected big news on rates even though next week is likely to already know the details that can be altered if the competition tightens the nuts. Will continue to be alert to any movement to tell you in detail.