Vodafone Runs out The Frequencies of ONO

The radio spectrum that much we have heard with the digital dividend is the raw material that mobile operators need to deploy their networks and as well limited is, its use is regulated to ensure competition in the sector to allow that spectrum can be distributed among several operators by setting some ceilings that Vodafone would have already reached After the last bid.

After the purchase of ONO, Vodafone had two choices of what to do with the newly acquired “excess” spectrum of ONO for what started negotiations to rent it to Jazztel Since it was the main operator that could interest you to supplement the license with which already it had but everything was ruined when Orange was interested in Jazztel.

With Jazztel out game, Vodafone has touched him return the spectrum to State, but not before asking the Government to modify the maximum power requirement staying with these frequencies but it has not served anything by Vodafone think recourse and procedure for claim refund of the 13.3 million that in his day it paid ONO acquired frequencies.

All a demonstration of what will happen to Orange if finally is made with Jazztel but also a fact to take into account in the hypothetical case of some of the traditional operators buy Telstra in the future Since it would leave their available spectrum to enter any new competitor, who knows if the other side of the pond…