Vodafone Wins Mobile Lines Again after Three Years, Even without Counting Ono

Month to month see as Vodafone is losing lines through portability, but already it is close to offset these losses with the profits of the acquired ONO but from operator today bring us their numbers in full. Taking into account the highs and lows that do not pass through another operator the British company again, three years later, win mobile lines.

Are 89.500 mobile lines that have joined the ranks of Vodafone in the last quarter, almost all of them belonging to the newly acquired cable operator. The growth in mobile is also accompanied paths rises in the markets of fixed broadband and television, although despite this operator revenues have continued falling, but at a slower pace than previous periods.

You could say that today in Vodafone are celebration. According to their own numbers operator has achieved its mobile customer base back up in the last quarter. A fact of particular importance if we consider that it is the first time that Vodafone wins mobile lines after three years in which losses of lines have been pronounced.

They have been 89.500 lines, at a rate of nearly 30,000 lines per month, which have won, providing ONO 87.500 of these. Also include the numbers separately from Vodafone, which despite contributing only 2,000 lines has grown more interesting for any operator, the contract segment where he managed 14.100 more lines.

More broadband and television, less income

Not only in the mobile segment has grown Vodafone, since they have also joined 63.900 new lines of broadband (22.300 of fiber) and 24,000 customers of TV. Significant is the total number of clients from both markets, 2,700,000 broadband (more than half with fiber) and 775,000 in television (448.000 with ONO television).

What he has not accomplished Vodafone, despite all these positive data, is to return to growth in revenue. These fell in the half that goes from April to September a 12.4%, although it was better the second than the first quarter, reflecting a trend towards improvement. As in Orange the rise in income for the business fixed, a 10.1%, not managed to compensate for the drop in mobile, a 14.8%.

Convergence and ONO, the reasons

If we have to seek culprits for Vodafone is released years after the red numbers must be in two clear directions: convergence and ONO. On the one hand convergent offerings have helped all operators that they can offer it to improve their numbers, sometimes not being enough out of red numbers (tomorrow will see the results of Movistar) but if largely helping retain customers already.

On the other hand is ONO, which without any doubt is bringing customers to Vodafone, in addition to its extensive network of fixed broadband. Let us remember that Millicom virtual era in the mobile section and that it could still follow fishing mobile lines in its large grounds of customers only fixed broadband. They have been especially directed Vodafone with offers specific.

Yet convergence and ONO will continue providing new customers to Vodafone for some time, but at one slower pace than the current. So that does not decay that rhythm operator plans to continue with their investments, both in the fixed and mobile coverage aspect, improve customer service.

We must therefore check within three months if Vodafone is able to withstand the pace or if he loses on the other hand bellows, since Perhaps you should improve its offer of mobile rates, primarily by the lower part, where the virtual competition is very hard. At the top although the operator does not compete with certain fees it is true that their rates are very similar to those of direct rivals, Movistar and Orange.