Vodafone It is one of the three large operators that more changes has lived in recent months. With the acquisition of ONO and the recent deployment of connections 4 G + had wanted to sit down with them and discuss a little bit about the current situation of the company and some trends we’ll see soon.

Babak Fouladi, Director of technology at Vodafone Spain, we attended at the offices of the company in Madrid to answer our questions. Present and future of a company that has many challenges ahead and where they want to continue to transmit the message from operator pioneered the use of technology.

Challenges brings integration of ONO in Vodafone HFC network and how they are solving?

“I’d like to change the word challenge as an opportunity. Join two mobile networks with multiple access is a great opportunity to unite teams with great talent and provide a service to our customers. We have already started with this union to within a period of two months offer packages of convergence to our clients and that can use 4G network.”

After the purchase of ONO, Movistar has accelerated the deployment of FTTH with the intention of reaching 10 million of real estate units in 2014 it will match Vodafone the pace of deployment or are going to wait and see if the CNMC obliges to Movistar Open its network in less profitable areas?

“Vodafone aims to be leader in speed. We started with that with the acquisition of ONO and we have been deploying fibre. After reaching 8 million households, we want to achieve 9 the coming year. We not only focus on coverage but on quality of service. Before the acquisition of ONO had the best NPS and want to work on it to offer better coverage.”

Do ONO HFC network a disadvantage in the medium term to compete with FTTH networks? Can you deal with the supposed release of 200 and 1 Gbps symmetrical Movistar?

“We are confident in providing HFC in different modulations to offer 200 and symmetric 1Gbps. We believe that we can give the appropriate service to our customers and also to those who are using the services of television.”

We believe that security is a very important element and the authentication by SIM [for mobile payment] is very safe.

Will allow that Vodafone customers can connect to ONO WiFi?

“Ono WiFi operates in many cities already. We are more focused on satisfaction with users and not so much on the technology acquisition so we are evaluating how to integrate it to offer a warranty service to customers of Vodafone.”

Will 4g in the 800 MHz band be rapid implementation in areas where there are already 1,800 Mhz 4G? and where it currently there is no 4 G, will take long time to see it?

“We were the first to launch 4 G in Spain and we want to continue being pioneers. It is in the plans work with this frequency as in our opinion is the one that offers better coverage. “We are working with the authorities to continue making tests and that it can be used as soon as possible but in January will begin to expand.”

What are the next steps in your strategy with mobile payment? With the latest advances in the sector that do not oblige the secure element to be integrated into the SIM what space does for the telcos in the mobile payment?

“We believe in the phone as a personal device and understand that it will be used as an identification system in many places, for example offices where we are now (the central of Vodafone in Spain). The industry is changing and it is clear that they are entering new players. The payment with mobile comes with strength and is more one trend in which many will have to adapt. Our next step is to take it to more shopping sites, for example public transport. We believe that security is a very important element and the authentication by SIM is very safe, we want the industry to account that needs to be taken into account.”

“We believe that the current offer meets the needs of users”

Already have in advance you are testing voLTE could give us more details? advantages, requirements, price, availability?

“I already did the sample in Santander and we are very excited about the tests we did. In the coming months it will be available to all users. ”

With the the 4G speeds that allow us to consume more data in less time, watch videos in high quality or make more intensive use of services like Vodafone Cloud, do think that it is enough to keep the rate with more data on Vodafone limited to 10 GB?

“With 4G people use more data because it is faster and we noticed that more use these connections. We have packages for different profiles and we believe that the current offer meets the needs of the users. All this should add the possibility to add more megs in a simple way. The average rates of 10 GB usage is 6 GB so you still are far from the top. If it increases, we would have in mind but at the moment we believe that the current rates are adjusted well.”