W3C Asks: Do Not Implement HTML5 Yet

Much is said about the HTML5, the new HTML version that should come to solve all the standard problems for video display, audio, among other things. The technology has won support from several large companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google, which have implemented certain aspects in their respective browsers. But the W3C, the organization responsible for the HTML5 standard, said today: hold your horses, the standard is not yet ready!

In an interview with Infoworld site, Philippe Le Hégaret, one of the organization’s representatives said that HTML5 is still a draft of an update and so it is quite incomplete. “The problem we are facing now is that there are a lot of encouragement for HTML5 but it is too early to implement it because we are facing interoperability issues,” said Le Hégaret. And that’s why he asks designers and developers avoid using standard-specific tags, especially if the pages are published in what he calls ‘open web’.


Companies can even implement the standard in their intranet pages, in which case the possibility of compatibility issues is very small.

The HTML5 standard should be finished and ready for implementation in not less than two years. Until then, the W3C continues to accept comments and suggestions to add, improve or withdraw in HTML5.