What BlackBerry Announced during MWC 2016 While Nobody Paid Attention

The truth is that it is a shame that a company like BlackBerry, which was so great at the time, reached the dimensions of irrelevance that currently has. Especially when your operating system is one of the most solid and safe the Hub and one of the most efficient solutions that we have known until now. Unfortunately, all that is now irrelevant.

BlackBerry was at Mobile World Congress of this year. He makes three, in 2013, presented its new operating system and then, despite not being strictly in the enclosure along with other manufacturers, were attracted to the press to a nearby hotel. The impact then is not that it has obtained now, and is not because what has been filed is not interesting.

Business services move with Microsoft

Perhaps because BlackBerry has stopped focusing so much on the user and have turned to business, the novelties of the company passed on tiptoe, as the fact that BES 12, the BlackBerry Enterprise solution, go to move to Windows Azure. The war for the accommodation and access to online services is relentless. Spotify Google and Microsoft 12 BES.

Microsoft business users now have access to mobility of Blackberry solutions, because they have been integrated within Windows Azure, the cloud of the Redmond. “Companies can install and manage your BES12 through Azure. This provides administrators a system of additional implementation that avoids face high costs of infrastructure and development”. He says the official BlackBerry blog.

AtHoc is the Blackberry crisis management tool and the Canadian company has expressed his desire to be a version of the Microsoft cloud, to be accessible from Azure. Thus, little by little we will see how more and more services from Blackberry can finish integrated in Microsoft, is becoming a much more solid and secure platform.

BlackBerry is now more secure after buying Encription Ltd.

Encription Ltd. is a leading British security, cyberseguridad services specialist consulting and which has now been acquired by BlackBerry. The amount of the transaction is undisclosed but now BlackBerry has 70% of Encription Ltd. that invoice, estimates estimates some 16,500 million dollars annually.

Robby Hill, CEO of HillSouth, a supplier and partner of BlackBerry, issued the following statement to the CRN magazine:

Clearly, BlackBerry is showing that he wants to compete on all mobile platforms and become a mobile security company, so I applaud them for any acquisition that will help them to achieve their goal.

This movement will not only provide substantial revenue to BlackBerry but It will allow you to integrate various Encription Ltd. solutions into your own system and services, both for companies and for individuals. The legend of BlackBerry security can continue to grow, and with good reason, after this acquisition.

A new channel in BBM for health

The last big announcement by BlackBerry Yes affects a greater number of users When it directly to BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, the instant messaging for Canadians, also considered one of the safest solution. In particular, the ad makes reference to the opening of a new channel for health, Sharecare BBM.

The channel will be accessible by the almost 45 million active users claiming to have on BBM and consist of a channel of communication for information relative to health and personal. The new channel Sharecare, accessible with the C003E6794 PIN within BBM channels, will give access to users to doctors and other health experts.

They may also refer to blogs, videos related to health, post accessible by other users, share photos, and chat with anyone who is connected to the same channel. ShareCare is available on all mobile platforms that have BBM application: Windows, Android, IOS and the own Blackberry.

BlackBerry keeps moving

As we have seen, even though not to generate news reaching the public, BlackBerry continues to move. Their private BlackBerry was in the MWC 2016 and did not have much relevance, but its news concerning business interest and much. Already commented at the time that the shift to the company It could be the salvation of a company that had lost the train of users.

Shopping, new services, and integration with other systems. Step by step, BlackBerry recovers breath, and that is something that we love. Not only for its history but the sympathy that blackberries company has always attracted towards users and media. We trust that these ads take them even further.