The poor situation of HTC seems to not finish ever, but their attempts to get afloat never cease. The latest data indicate a slight rise in revenue, but it is not enough, and decisions as the closure of HTC Spain they are a proof that the Taiwanese brand you need much more to launch mobile range medium with little innovation.

Although offices have closed in our country, the company centralizes its efforts in Europe and their smartphones will continue to be available in regular stores. Still, there’s no denying that things ever painted worse for HTC. We a review of its evolution in recent years.

A spectacular rise that was not sustained long

HTC sales in units 2007-2015. Source: Statista

Android was born from the hand of the HTC Dream back in 2008, a time in which smartphones were few and still the foundations of what is now this sector were sitting. Android was not the majority platform which is today, but HTC handsets contributed largely to the boom in the following years.

If you look at the graph, 2009 and 2010 were years of transition in which the increase in the sales of HTC were quite shy, but then 2011 arrived and the thing exploded.

Source: Statista

If we cross two graphics data can see com 2011 marked a turning point, both for Android HTC. Google’s operating system thought of unstoppable form and HTC sales soared, but the joy did not last them too.

2012 was also a good year, but there was a let-down, partly because of the emergence of new competitors who also bet by Android, and already in 2013, the fall was wider. Since then the curve has eased a bit, but still with a downward trend that seems to have no end.

HTC monthly income
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And what about 2016? To learn about the latest data have to resort to the revenue reports that HTC publishes each quarter. Here we have a curve more variable which suffered an increase in the last quarter, but it is of too shy improvement How to get a company of the stature of HTC back to figures of yesteryear, that already seems to be a battle lost to Taiwanese.

The last attempts of the company have not been exactly successful. 10 HTC and the HTC lives generated much interest, but not helped too to halt the slide, but across an enterprise cannot live from a high range and VR glasses terminal, is more needed, and HTC is still failing where most needed him: the medium ranges and input.

HTC Desire 10 and HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle failed to surprise, either in features or price, and the same thing happened with the HTC Evo 10. Meanwhile, the competition continues its path and there is growing, not only more proposals, if not more cheaper and better.

Why has closed HTC Spain?

According to the company, the closure of its Spanish division has to do with a new strategy that it aims to create a more centralized and austere model of operations.

We can confirm that HTC has closed its office in Spain. However, we will continue with our business through a local network of distribution partners. As part of the strategic program of realignment of the business, which adopts a more agile and austere model, this new configuration will position us to grow significantly in our central business smartphones, connected devices and virtual reality.

With this brief statement, HTC Spain confirms the closing of its division in our country, a few words that suggest that there could be more movements of this kind in other countries, something that at the moment we don’t have news. What we do know is that lyou mobile HTC will continue selling in Spain, Although their presence in our country is not the of a few years ago.

Recently arrived us rumors that HTC might be looking for buyers for its mobile division, rumor that the mark rushed in to deny, but the closure of its division in Spain is a fact, and at the same time a symptom that HTC is going through an extremely delicate situation. We will follow closely the next moves of the brand.