Xagent: Ios Malware In Circulation, Inappropriate For Panic

New malware for idevices without jailbreak: behind the name xagent hides malicious software for ios 7 and ios 8, which in the worst case, photos, contacts, and other private data from your iphone or iphone steals. Unrestricted access to all functions, it is even possible to listen to telephone conversations and completely to affected devices to monitor the software. Xagent comes over the ad-hoc distribution on the hardware and doing to the user thus needed to wreak havoc. Because only who initiates the installation manually and the download starts manually, is in danger.

Free security programs overview

Attack on secrecy

The Japanese security firm trend micro, which is the software behind the discovery, maps xagent of the so-called operation pawn storm. An ongoing economic and political espionage behind with particular interest to sensitive data on secret. Originally the malware for ios 7 was written, as trend micro. Because you installed xagent on ios 8, reflected the pest as an app and can easily exit without then automatically restart. Is the software on ios 7, hiding the icon after the installation and the process runs automatically in the background. It is unknown where land, the data sent. An article from Ars Technica talks by experts, the xagent Russian hackers associate.

Xagent: don’t panic!

Before you now in a panic switch to other platforms, please note the steps necessary to install of the malware. Xagent uses the so-called Enterprise protocol allows for example, companies play a special apps for employees without going through the app store. There’s a download link to the recipient, who must confirm twice after clicking on the installation, that he really wants the installation of the app enough. As long as you not click such links in messages from unknown sources and not repeatedly confirm the installation of an app, so there is no acute danger.