Xiaomi Seeks Testers for MIUI 7 among Users of The Nexus 5

A full week of news and leaks about new releases from Xiaomi they don’t want to talk about only the presentation of its next ship logo, an Xiaomi Mi5 known on February 24 in its long official sunset.

Today from the official Forum of MIUI announce the beginning of a process of selection of testers that will contribute to the development of MIUI 7, the latest version of MIUI already based Android 6.0, in this case for Nexus 5.

It is not something new by the development team of MIUI, which usually offer these jobs betatester in new versions incentives within the MIUI community: Read permissions avazandos in forums, medals of MIUI Beta Team, access to all updates for MIUI, more space to upload files to the Forum or priority to register for community events organized by Xiaomi.

That Yes, although there are not too many restrictions in terms of nationality or other factors, it is obvious that handle English and have a Nexus 5 they are conditions sine qua non, as well as being a member of the community MIUI.

In addition, experienced software testers requested wishing to contribute to the development of one of the most popular interfaces based on Android, with disposition to discuss problems with the development team and install ROMs and patches every time, as well as knowledge about installing ROMs customized on your device.

The opening of the testing process also indicates that the firmware is already advanced and, possibly, the release of MIUI 7 for Nexus 5 and other devices not manufactured by Xiaomi is next. No doubt good news for lovers of ROMs.