Everyone knows that, after the Alliance Nokia/Microsoft, the Nokia developer community has felt outraged. Is true that the news was received pleasantly, as Nokia has a streak of fall sharply worldwide, from the side of consumers, unstoppable. Perhaps with the Microsoft Alliance will recover (both).

For the part of the developers from Nokia, surely news of the Alliance rang them to abandonment, betrayal and, as often happens when the great do not take party, the community takes the next step. In this case it becomes Necessitas, a solution to be able to carry applications developed on the platform Nokia Qt to the platform Android. Thanks to Alesete by track.

As it explains its developer, Bogdan Vatra, the solution is to install the Android SDK then install the packages of Necessitas, to be able to work with Qt. Later must be installed on your Android mobile the application Minister, so it can recognize the Qt libraries.

The project, which is also free, is still in alpha phase, but can already be experienced with him. In the following video, in English with an accent of East, explained how it works and installs Necessitas and the application Minister for Android.

Perhaps the only downside is that currently Necessitas only works under platform Linux but, the truth is the platform on which tend to work almost all developers.